2019 May 4th 1pm

Update on food!

Unfortunately, there is not going to be a meal provided at the end of the march this year! Buuut, we have some friends that will be cooking and vending some delicious morsels, and everyone is encouraged to bring grills, grillables, coolers and such to the park. If you need help transporting things feel free to reach out to Stephanie (412-999-3488) who has generously offer their van. We’re encouraging folks to drop off things at the park in the morning. Reach out if you have questions!

Theme(s) for the Year:

Scales of a feather Freak Together

Shaky Feet on Stable Ground


Wanna Volunteer!? Yes you do…

  • Stewards of bike and foot for the parade?
  • Build a thing for the parade?
  • Gather your friends and show up with amazing matching space suits?
  • Throw an afterparty on Saturday night?
  • Show up with your  talent for the talent show?
  • Something else to make this year special?

This is the 10 year anniversary of the Polish hill May Day parade. 10 years of brilliant costumes, obtuse themes, baseball wins and losses, rocket launched fists and wintry mix. This year is gonna be great.

email: maydaypolishhill@gmail.com

Variety show May 3rd!

Variety Show Flyer.jpg

Art Builds

Join us for the Art Build Every Tuesday At Babyland (behind 460 Melwood)  at 7pm!

And More!!

Song in your heart? Join the Choir, we’re in full sing…heh. Mondays at 7.

Mayday Movers? Just Dance!

Have a special skill or talent that you want to show off at the variety show? Planning is underway.

Email us with question about how to get involved or ideas of your own!

email: maydaypolishhill@gmail.com