2018 Events

Wanna Volunteer!

  • Stewards of bike and foot for the parade
  • Throw an afterparty on Saturday night?
  • Something else to make this year special?

email: maydaypolishhill@gmail.com

Friday, May 4th – The Variety Show is on!

Be generous with your talents, interests, oddities, creations, and performer spirit!
Share them at the May Day Variety Show!
Performances of all types (5 min. or less) welcomed and encouraged!

Saturday, May 5th
The 9th Annual Polish Hill May Day Parade!


All are welcome to join in for Polish Hill’s 9th Annual May Day Parade!
The theme this year is “On the Wind”

This May Day lets make the unseen visible, audible! What winds are at work lifting us aloft, what forces move invisibly against us, what fickle drafts have lead us astray and what breezes bring us home again? Our respiration is inspiration. The world brought humming into our blood, the legacy of our ancestors’ ancient breath and trees entangling. Let’s lift our voices singing to create a force of breath united. Bring your wings and your whistles to the streets, your chimes, sails, kites, bellows, bubbles, balloons! Let’s take flight together on the back of a spring breeze.

Be creative with your interpretation!

To join in the parade, meet up at the dead-end of lower Melwood Street at noon (just down the street from Pittsburgh Filmmakers). Feel free to dress up, bring floats, banners, flowers, umbrellas….anything that feels celebratory and in the spirit of workers rights and the rites of spring. Most importantly bring yourself and your loved ones!
At 1pm the parade will move from lower Melwood up through Polish Hill, ending at West Penn Park for a community BBQ and pick-up baseball game! Bring a glove!

Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to join in the planning of the parade, float building, or any other contribution they’d like to make.

For more info please email: maydaypolishhill@gmail.com

Rain or Shine, come join us!!

Other Mayday Events – In Solidarity –

• Tuesday, May 1st :

Don’t go to work! March instead!


This May Day, we come together to honor and celebrate immigrants and workers who are often overlooked and undervalued. We especially want to uplift and center domestic workers, child care workers, sex workers, construction workers, restaurant workers, refugee workers and all other workers whose survival work remains unrecognized. This Mayday, we say: there is no small work — all workers are valuable!

All workers deserve living wages and the right to organize. We deserve comfort and joy. We deserve dignity and respect. We deserve to be honored and supported, not because all our struggles are the same, but because our lives are worth defending in their own right. We need wages, but we also need roses too.

Join us for a march and celebration this Mayday at Salem’s Market & Grill at 6pm! It is important that we make time to uplift, honor, and center our joy whenever we can.

PA Immigration and Citizenship Coalition